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Registration to the different categories

Prices : 19 € for 1 category / 27 € for 2 categories

Inclusion: whatever your administrative gender, your gender assigned at birth or your appearance, you can register in the singles and/or doubles categories that suits you best and that makes you most comfortable.

We also inform you that in order to improve the inclusiveness of our tournament, especially for trans and non-binary people, a reflection is underway to de-genderise the games (a unique category for doubles and a unique category for singles) for the 2024 edition.


COME DISGUISED to take part in the FestiBad tournament and be called By your nickname! A prize will be award for the best disguise.

Price: 12 € per person

  • privatized place just next to the gymnasium
  • dancefloor, bar, terrace
  • cloakroom
  • 1 free drink
  • shows
  • DJs
  • foodtrucks (drink and food at your own expense)


Image rights: by checking this box, I indicate my wish not to be recognized on the photos that will be taken during the event and are destined to be used as promotional elements for this edition and future editions of the tournament.

By checking the box, I confirm beeing insured to participate to the FestiBad badminton tournament, either by a membership card at the Fédération Française de Badminton or by my personal insurance. I hearby clear the FestiBad Association in case of physical injury.

WARNING: we are currently experiencing difficulties with the automatic email response regarding the registration confirmations (wrong dates, empty summary...). We are doing everything in our power to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. If you receive that kind of message, do not panic: your registration has still been taken into account. We will also send you a second confirmation email (valid, this time) as soon as we receive the payment for your registration. Thank you for your understanding. The FestiBad Team